LOTD: Make up for Dance Performance :) SUNSET

10:40 PM

Hi, long time no see yaaa.. I am sorry, i have been busy with my final exam and some preparations. But it is all done now, which means, IT IS TIME TO WRITE! Yeah!

Hehehe, so about two weeks ago, i got another make up job. It was for a GATSBY dance competition, and the team wanted me to do a theme make up. Every girl got a unique make up to reveal their character and their favorite colour. So, i did my best! Lets take a look!

Hmm, this girl loves pink. She is romantic, so i created sunset look for her :)

taraa.. as u see here, i used beautiful colors, such as yellow for the lid, red orangey for upper lid, pink and white for highlighters

hehe this is the final look!

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