Slice of life :Cultural Event: Raff Dance Company Annual Traditional Dance Show

10:54 AM

Yesterday, on 29th I went to City of Tomorrow Mall for watching the annual dance show. I enjoyed variety of dances, from Kelelawar (Bat) Dance, Kasomber Dance, Pasaran Dance, and many else. I was so glad when I saw many children and youths performed on the dance show. It meant one thing, they were still interested in our traditional arts. On my interview with one of the coach, she sadly said that nowadays, I might see a lot of kids, but when they grew up, only a few of them would stay. Most of them would be more interested on modern dance, or even gave up on dancing. Huaa, dear readers, if you are a traditional dancer, please dont give it up! 

On my observations, there were many changes in traditional dance now and many years ago. Now is more colorful, mostly contemporary traditional dance, with some of modern dance moves blend together with traditional moves. Besides that, the song is not fully javanese, there are some parts of the song when they used Bahasa Indonesia, to make the meaning more apparent to the audiences. Hmmm, and one more thing, the clothes are prettier, with many vibrant colors and sparkling accessories. I was expecting classical traditional dance like Remo dance yesterday. But, my expectation was off, hehehe. But, still I enjoyed the show J. It was fun, I got to see the beauty of Indonesian cultural dance. Let`s preserve it together!
Bat dance

Pasaran Dance

Random Banner Hehehe

Jegayu Manik Dance

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