COASTAL SCENTS bionic foundation brush + I AM MOVING!

5:47 AM

Hai, chica ^^. Hereby i want to announce that I AM MOVING. If you notice, i have changed my domain name, blog title and also change the header to " BEAUTY CHICA". I just thought that the name will represent this blog content  better since i write about beauty posts, well mostly. Also, chica means girl in spanish. Well, I hope with this new name, it will bring more luck towards this blog *wink!

For a starter, i want to review a foundation brush from coastal scents called bionic brush. Bionic! Yeah, it is so big and it does the job, just like its name. I bought this for quite some time ago when Coastal Scents had their web discount. I got this for 50.000 rupiahs. Real steal!

The brush is made of synthetic hair. Yellow colored bristle and it is very dense. The size is big! I just need like 20 seconds to blend foundation to my entire face due to the brush size.

The handle is long but there is no logo, no picture, nothing. I just hope that Coastal scents prints out their brand there, just to give a mark there, just to make it look a little more professional. I have washed this for so many times, but i never experienced any fall out. The hair still remain intact, so is the glue and everything.

I find this brush worth buying because it delivers the job, great foundation finish and also it has a good quality. Recommended brush!

Rating: 5/5

Love icecream.gif: Skin 79 BB Cream Gold ( really moisturizing!) 
Hate mister.gif: Wounds

Bye, chicas couple.gif~

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