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Proudly share to you my first aid face cleaner! Clean and clear essential toner has become my good friend when i am sick. As you may already know, i suffer from a very bad burns which unable me to move so much. Hmm, pity to say, but pretty much i become handicapped temporarily.

Dealing with my immobility, i always have this toner and cotton right beside my hospital/ room`s bed. Well, i don`t go out anyway, so my face is not really that dirty. I just swipe and pat this onto my face and it takes down the dirt pretty well. Eventhough i am only relying on this toner, i don`t experience any zits. Well, i guess this toner works well, huh?

How to use hallowen.gif

Wet the cotton with the toner


Bye bye dirts...

My love straw.gifand hate devil.gifrelationship with this toner ....

- Cheap and affordable
- VERY SIMPLE to use
- Clean well
- Contains salycic acid to prevent acnes

- Contains alcohol, so if you have sensitive skin, i do not recommend this.
- Unable to tackle down waterproof make ups and eye make ups
- Strong smell

This product works for me, but it doesn`t always work for you too because each of us has different kind of skin. Mine is combination skin and got dried out because i don`t really use moisturizer when i am sick. Well, yeah, i hope this post can help pinkblue.gif

If everything works well, i am planning to go back to my daily routines by Monday. Hehehe hopefully everything goes right! I deeply apologize to my blogsale buyers and giveaway winner because the packages are late to fly due to my sickness. Thanks to your kindness and patience. I have added surprise gift and bonus to the packages. I hope you like `em!

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  1. I love this too! whenever I ran out of my usual toner, I will always rely on this toner on emergency!


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