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hellokitty12.gifHi, sistah! Today i want to share about burn treatments. As you may know i am suffering of second and third degree burns stretching across both legs and tummy. Most of the time it hurts! Well, thanks God it is getting better now, i can walk tho painful and do some activities. I am so grateful that i can recover, it is suck to be bedrested for more than a month. Wanna know great medicines behind the recovery? Here it goes................

After i got my third surgery, i am allowed to go home. The surgeon prescribed for me some antibiotics. I have to go back to the hospital every 4/5 days to change the dressings of the wounds. Tell you what? It is a torture. Plus, my surgeon and the nurses were not very nice. They were so coldblooded and they just make the pain worse! Ah, it is so unfair because i paid couple millions every time i change dressings and i went to a wellknown hospital here in Surabaya.

Fed up with the hospital services, i called my aunt and uncle who are also doctors. They said that i can change the dressing myself at home and they both agree that the price i paid for the hospital was too over the top. So, after that i change the dressing myself. Painful, yucky and ah, only terrible words i can think for describing the process.

My uncle prescribe me this vitamin called Zegase. It contains Selenium which induce skin cells growth. I like how the recovery is boost up eversince i consume this vitamin. It is very good for my health too, i think i will continue to staple this even after my full recovery. Yeah, it is good for my skin!

Then, being a chinese - raised i am, my aunt bought me some chinese traditional medicine too. And guess what? I personally think they work better than the doctor`s med! I still consume the antibiotics of course and give some time recess before eating this traditional medicine. The first one is Pai Tze Huang. Ussually i felt so fatigue before start taking these pills. I have no energy to walk and after taking these i feel more energized! Great great great! The only down part about this medicine is the price. One box costed my aunt 600.000 rupiahs. Hell! It contains 6 capsules, so 1 capsule is 100.000 rupiahs. If i were not sick, i would rather buy collections of Urban decay Naked Pallete every three days! huhuhuhuhu

Now, i don`t have to change dressing anymore. I use this CHITIN CHITOSAN CAPSULES. This one is pretty reasonable in price, around 400.000 rupiahs for 100 capsules. Okay lhaaa.. What i do is i open the capsules and cover the wounds with the chitosan powder. What this capsules do is pretty much making a thick scab and clot to cover the wounds. It is also making a nice environment for the skin cells to grow. My wounds look so disgusting with thick scab and clot. Yuck! But i can really tell that it is healing, the scab edges fall off bit by bit everyday and i can tell that the scab is decreasing in size. This way is the least painful for me too. I can walk more and even taking pictures for this blog.

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I still have a long way to go for a full recovery and recover from discoloration here and there. But yeah, once again i am so grateful because God heals me and make these medicine works. If i heal, i will still have discoloration on my skin which take years to get back to normal. I heard laser service can make the process faster? Anybody knows about good laser service?

Bye for now, chicas ! Please pray for me ^^
Love: GOD and HIS amazing works in my life

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  1. Ya ampun na, aku baru tau kalau km kecelakaannya parah banget :( maafkan ya~ kukira cuman jatuh biasa :(
    get well soon ya na~ semangat terus! pasti bisa cepat pulih lagi.

    1. iya sha.. tapi sekarang wes jaoh lebih baik kok.. amin2.. aku ya percaya kalau pasti sembuh hehehe..minggu ikut kan ke grand palace? rasae aku mau ikut deh.. slowly trying to embrace a normal life hehehe


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