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Have you heard about Hada Labo? I bet you have.  This is a best selling product in Japan, sold 1 every 2 seconds! Impresive! This product now comes in Indonesia under PT. Rohto Indonesia. It is under one company with Rohto eyedrop, Face on face, lipcare, Acnes, and many more. I personally have used Hada Labo for two months now, Shirojyun series and the products work, man *ngaruh banget! Hehehe For all this time i have loved it, so when i got invited to Hada Labo launching event, i was very excited. Not only because this is my second beauty event, but because the event itself was interesting! Let`s take a look!

This is Mr. Furuya from Japan who demonstrate for us how to make Hadalabo. Just like in a lab, he use white suit, pyrex glasses and chemical fluid. Drop hyaluronic chemical fluid on the water, wait several minutes and taraaa, it becomes rather thick fluid. This fluid is moisturizing and giving us a sudden hydration. And yes it is right, 1 drop of Hyaluronic acid is very moisturizing. Their tagline "One drop locks up an ocean" really lives up the expectation.

There was also talkshow about Hadalabo with Mr. Mukdaya, Mr. Furuya, and my friend Ce Yen yen. I totally got some useful information about the product and i really conclude that they are going to be good on my skin.

FACTS about Hadalabo:
- Simple. Only contains things that  our skin needs such as Hyaluronic acid, Arbutin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, AHA and BHA
- Healthy. It doesn`t contain mineral oil, colorant and fragrant.
- It is derives from 10 years of research!

Aside from the talking and demo, there was this interesting brand experience corner. I tested my face on the Visioface machine! Hehehe the BA said my skin is good lha, but i have a lot of sun spot underneath the skin. Hyaaa.. really need to use sunscreen :)

These are the Hadalabo range:
1. BLUE - Shirojyun series for brightening effects. I use this!
2. WHITE - Gokujyun series for moisturizing effects
3. RED - Tamagohada series for anti aging

In the end of the launching event, we got to eat SUSHI! Yeah, delicious! It was held on SUSHI HANA restaurant that is famous of their crab sushi. Hehehe. Really, this event was not only good for my beauty knowledge and skin but good to my tummy as well hahahahahaha

Me and Mr Furuya.Very kind man!

That day i was lucky enough to get this babies. I won doorprize! Hahaha i am rarely got doorprize, but yesterday i won one. Maybe because i change the domain name to beauty chica? Hehehe maybe it boosts up my luck. I got a goodie bag which contain complete series of Hadalabo. I gave the Tamagohada series to my landlord hehe *spread the love! For the doorprize i got PT. Rohto products, and gave the OXY series to my boyfriend. I was so happy, what can make a beauty blogger any happier than huge collection of skincare and make up product! 

But then, i really admire PT.Rohto for their appreciation of us, beauty blogger. They really know how to affiliate with us. Everywhere they go for launching event, they invite us. I also have been spotting their products website such as Face on Face and they do have blog contest. I personally think they really understand that we contribute on brand image and popularity.

What beauty bloggers do seem so simple lha, just sharing opinions. But i believe that our opinion counts. How many of you buy particular make up after reading the review on beauty blog? I do. Word of mouth effect has been proven effective to boost sales on many researchs.  Hehehe i would not explain about research now because you might find it very boring :P..

Ah, other than research talk, lets take a look on group pictures, shall we?

Beauty bloggers from Surabaya
me and gita

Bye chicas!

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  1. kyaaaaaa aku jadi nyesek lagi sekarang pas baca post ini ce T_T
    wihh menang hadiah doorprize ya ce? congrats yaa ^^ btw, yg dapet kamera siapa? hehe

    1. cup cup cupp.. sabar ya nak.. hehehe.. Iyow, beruntung lah aku menang doorprize.. Yang menang kamera orang dari media.. Kemarin waktu games, MC nya nunjuk orang media semua, jadi kita dari blogger belum unjuk gigi deh.. hehehe unjuk gigi di blog masing2 aja deh :P

  2. salam kenal hana. congrats ya udh menang doorprize. lucky! hada labo lbh ke arah skin care ya?

    1. anyway, new follower. if you don't mind, you can follow me back.


    2. yupsss.. hadalabo it skincare.. salam kenal juga, pasti follow back kok :)


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