Luview Baked Eyeshadow Review part 1

2:17 AM

These are Luview`s! If you are not familiar with the brand, Luview is a Korean Brand that provides high quality make ups. These belows are there newly launched baked eyeshadow. I was blessed to win this through sparkle apple blog. I won four baked eyeshadows and i will review two first. 

The left one is my favorite shade. It is Lovely Gold 01. Beside lovely gold, is the shade Gold Brown 04. In terms of packaging, they are quite sturdy, tho not cute enough >.< The packaging is very standar, just like my Maybelline Clear n Smooth Blush packaging.

Come, take a closer look! This is Lovely Gold. Every shades in this Luview Baked eyeshadow collections are pretty IMO. I like the pink color because it brightens my eyes. 

The pigmentation is very very sheer lha. But i will not use any pigmented eyeshadows for everyday make up anyway, so it is okay. One thing about baked eyeshadows is that they can be very pigmented if applied wet. My left swatch is dry application, and i apply it so many times but look at my right swatch! I apply wet, and that is the pigmentation i get from one layer of application.

Now welcome the gold brown shade. Just like the Lovely Gold, all colors are shimmery. Hehehehe. The beige color on the right if very pretty if i apply sparingly as highliter on my cheekbones and cupid bow.

SWATCH TIME! So how do you like the color pals? I personally like it lha.. Lastly, i make for you EOTD.. hehehe. This was taken when still sick, had to bedrest *sudah sakit, masih genit pula*. So , to make it quick i just apply the Lovely Gold on my left eye, and Gold Brown on my right.

So which one suits me better? The gold brown or lovely gold?

Bye for now, xoxoxoxo 

Currently reading: Human Resource Management Handbook
Love: Roti Morin
Hate: MID EXAM >.< wish me luck!

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  1. It is nice. You said you are sick but you dont look sick! Yay product works lol

  2. did i? hehehe glad i still looked healthy! thank u dear..

  3. ini bisa pake eyelinernya Han...rapi banget malah ^^

    1. iya ce, tapi ndak isa keliatan double lid gitu.. Pengen isa matanya keliatan agak besar hehe. Kalau pake eyeliner model sebelah kanan, matanya keliatan lebih sipit >.<. Btw, thank you ya ce pujiannya *tersipu - sipu


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