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pompom.gif Hi chicas! This time i want to share with you about The Grand Palace 1st Anniversary. Guess what? This is my first time ever got invited as a beauty blogger. Wooo, being a beauty blogger can be so cool, eh? hehehe..  Grand Palace is a high end department store, hmm maybe something like Macy`s in USA. They sell branded clothes as well as branded make ups such as Kose, Frais Monde, Shiseido, Max Factor, etc.

The ceremony was held in Grand City Mall, Surabaya. There were many things to see here such as fashion show, make up demo, talk show and so on. Here is the invitation! Jeng jengggg....

The fashion show were featuring wellknown designer such as Jenny Lam and Poppy Darsono. I certainly loved Jenny Lam`s design especially the cocktail dress. In this picture, if you see blue dress in the middle left, that is the dress that i had been eyeing in the fashion show *drooling* hehehehe.. Do you think it will suit me?

Ah, and group pictures! Making a blog doesn`t only bring invitation to cool event like this, but also friends in real world as well. Friends with the same passion and liking, what can be better than that? Hehehe, so here we are, your Surabaya`s beauty blogger, Shelvi, Lala, Shasha, Priscill, Ce Yen and the cutest Caroline

We have fun together and we watch this KOSE demo make up. Hmm Nice! We got to sit in front to get a better view too.

Sadly, after the Kose demo make up, i have got to go home. But i am very grateful for this event. *sering - sering yah! hehehe. I also get a goodie bag contains vouchers, samples and T shirt too. Thank you Grand Palace for inviting me and my fellow bloggers. Muachhh!!


Bourjouis Healthy Mix Serum in Light Vanilla
ELF Blush and Contouring Powder
DIOR Make up Set
Maybelline Unstoppable Curling Mascara

AIGHT! See ya chicas on my next post! bye2.gif

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  1. The foundie looks good on you, Hana~ ^__^ b Produk Frais Monde itu menggiurkan.. :9


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