Ce phanie`s giveaway

1:42 PM

Hi friends! Got a good news for you. Ce phanie, the owner of Diary of product junkie`s is having giveaway. Please check her blog. I bet you will like her blog. For me, her review is very trusted, what she likes ussually are something that i will like too. If she said the product is good, then it really is. Ussually i will check her blog before buying anything. This kind of blog is hard to find ya know hehehe, so i would like congratulate ce phan for her 2nd anniversary!I hope your blog keep being awesome and also thank you to help me being a wise product junkie. Oya, i hope you write more blush on reviews too ce ^^ ( this one i forgot to mention on the survey :P )

This is the prizes at stake :

This giveaway is open for Indonesian only. Hehehe check her blog lah, Quick quick! AND.. Thanks ce phan for having this giveaway. I love you and your bourjouis foundation too (*random!). Awesome!

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