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One is about to be a doctor and one works in Korea, a country that we all beauty bloggers loved and curious about because it simply harbors a resemblence about beauty and skincare technology. So, here I am talking about Docci (the doctor one) and Kakak (who works at Korea), the duo combos author of Crusin with DocCii n Kakak.

 If you read their blog you will find a melting pot of two different personalities, and two different likings. DocCii tends to write things in details whereas Kakak loves to tell story in her mature way. As a silent reader I am, i can really differentiate who writes what because their writings are unique, each author has different breath on their writings. This is what we can not achieve when we write our blog alone, I just wish that my sister would love to write a blog like me
 * crying in the corner*

The posts are well stated in Indonesia, and i like how easy it is to comment. Do you ever stumble on a blog that when you want to comment you have to read the caption? I am sorry, but i find it very troublesome to read the caption, sometimes it is very blur and i have to re-do writing the caption so many times, sometimes it blows away my eagerness to leave a comment. When i commented in DocCii n Kakak`s blog,the comment just went in, no fuzz about the caption, nothing. I just love it. Thank you docCii n Kakak!

This is only my opinion lha, but i think the blog could have been better if it has more pictures on every posts hehehe i love pictures! 

And maybe on the sidebar they could have like character and roles, just like what you would see in the beginning of a comic book or novels. It could be something like,

Mumsky = My mom, a caring mom who loves make up, just like us!
DocCii = A pretty doctor, loves to write and shop

Maybe they can as well put their photos! Hehehe, it would be cool lha! It will also help the new readers, because they will wonder who is Tongki, who is Mumsky and which one is DocCii.

Hehehe this is only my thought lha..

This month, this lovely blog has reached their 100th days!

Beauty Chica is wishing you the best!

Please write more and inspire more,

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