ELF Contouring blush n bronzer Review

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Hola chicas ^^, Whatzzz up? I hope you are doing great. Midterm is over for me. I was worried sick actually because i didn`t come to class these two months due to my sickness. One day before exam, i freaked out! Who doesn`t lha? But i managed to learn all the materials and prayed a lot. I really feel grateful to God and His blessings so that i can do great on exams. One thing i learn this week, do your best and God will do the rest.


I also want to share this ELF Contouring blush and bronzer that i currently fell in love with. Many raves say that this is a dupe for NARS Orgasm and Laguna. 

It is shimmery peach colored blush and deep brown contouring powder. The contour powder has less shimmer on it, and it is not really noticeable. I really need to go lightly on application otherwise my face will look muddy and dirty. Peach blush on is fine, it is just like glow on me, and does not give much color. 

I love the packaging because it looks professional. It packed with black and sturdy plastic, complete with a mirror inside. Just handy for travelling and touch up.

When i swirl the brush, a lot of powders are flying over the air and dirtying my desk. Powdery! It is. Ack! So, next time around i try to just tap tap my brush, and this way it works a lot better ^^.

Pigmented color and it stays on about 4 - 5 hours on my combination skin. Pretty good! I love to put the contour powder on the hollow of the cheek and blush on the apples only. It looks like a gradation, gradually deeper to the jaw line.

I also did an FOTD using this contouring blush and bronzer on Fresh look post.

My opinion:
+ Affordable, around $3
+ Pigmented
+ Packaging looks professional
+ Looks great on me
- Powdery

Final verdict:
4,5/5 Totally recommended!

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