Bath and Body Works Pocketbac in Pink Bloom

3:16 AM

Do you have Pocketbac?
I heard it is very famous in The States. 
Many online shops in Indonesia carries Pocketbac also, selling it with an affordable price.
Ussually 28.000 to 35.000 rupiahs for 29 ml

There are many scents, and mine is PINK BLOOM
I love the color and how it looks so bright PINK inside the bottle.
The bottle itself is sturdy and tight, i haven`t experience any spilling or whatsover.

This hand sanitizer contains alcohol. 
So when i pour, it is giving a cool sensation. After awhile, it becomes totally dry, and leaves of amazing smell! The smell is flowery, strong, and last long. Well, around 15 minutes i guess. But it does perform better than my usual hand sanitizer.

See the design? With the puddle? hehehe cute!

The hand sanitizer looks like this. Pink with smooth consistency. If you look closer, there will be tiny sparkles. My students love this sparkles very much. They said it looks pretty. Ussually without any reason they will pretend their hands dirty and ask for a hand sanitizer hahaha! Well, supposed you have such a cute and fragrant sanitizer, you will do that, won`t you?

This Pocketbac is part of a gift from Bunny Beaute.
Thanks Lianna for making me and my students happy!

Love ya all,

P. s:
Currently read: Les Miserables
Btw, if you have time and loves to read classics, Les Miserables is one of the best! I love how it gives me something to ponder and to learn everytime i read a page of it. Worth it!

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  1. You love classics too? :D Have you read A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett? It's by far my favorite classic novel :D

    1. I do i do! hehehe.. no, i haven`t yet.. it will be on my list after i finish reading les miserables

    2. Les Miserables ku berbulan2 gak kesentuh TT^TT akunya sotoy gitu beli yang masih unabridged huaaaa bahasanya beraattt :'(


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