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Hi girls! Happy Sunday :). For this Sunday i want to share with you my favorite daily look!
Hmm, it is some really simple look, nothing to bold because i do not want to look like an auntie who wear too much make up lha! hahaha Moreover, in my uni, UPH Surabaya, girls do not use much make up and they just look natural, face powder at most. Of course i want to "blend in" but still look pretty :P! And this is the look


For the eyes i currently reaching for PIXY Bold to Last Gel eyeliner. This eyeliner is INTENSE and affordable, i definitely going to write full review about it later. Then i top it off with liquid eyeliner, either Nature Republic Oh So Big Eyes or Etude Oh My eyeline.
Scotch Tape
I use scotch tape that has pore to make my small eyes look bigger
I don`t use eyeshadow on my top lid. Naaah! I use Max Factor Color Precision in Icicle Rose. I just found out that it looks so pretty for highlighting tearduct and got addicted ever since. It shines and glows without shimmer. It last long on me too! 
I currently reach for Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara because it is so good to define each particular strand of lash and not clumpy. It lengthens! And then i top it off with my forever HG Silky Girl Eye Opener Mascara  Silky girl mascara is to define and thicken my lashes.

Currently i love to use Silkygirl Magic Pink Lip Balm and then top it off with Silky Girl Glossy Trio Lipgloss

BB Cream, of course! I use Etude House Bright Fit when want to look dewy and Holika holika luminous silk for more matte look, then i top it off with Mustika Ratu Jebuk Sari Powder. This powder is my current local find and it is supaaaa affordable! hehehe I will tell you later on the next post. And then for the cheek i use MUA blush or Inez blush in Amaranth Pink

Such simple look require much steps? Hahaha ya i know lha, but it is actually not that bad when you actually doing it. It is ussually require 15 mins top~ Not so bad lha ~ hehehe. When i am lazy or run out of time, i will just probably skip everything and just stick with BB Cream + Blush on. That is it. Ready to go. hahaha. 

Okay, since i am going to pack for a trip to my hometown, 
I will see ya later ladies


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