Ketapang Beach

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I love to travel and go for sightseeing especially beaches and malls. Hahaha why malls? Ya go sightseeing clothes and make up. I am so up town girl, leh? But more than malls, i love beaches more. Whenever i got bored i always picturing me having fun in the beach and all of the sudden i feel more refreshed~

Girls, I got a chance to went to Ketapang Beach earlier this month. It is in Banyuwangi, East Java. If you go to Bali with a car, you absolutely going to cross with ferry through Ketapang Beach. Most of us will go straight to Bali, me too, i never knew before that Ketapang Beach also beautiful. This time me and family stayed at Ketapang Indah Hotel (i forgot the name, but i think this is correct >.<, sorry). Beautiful! Our hotel is just on the coastal of Ketapang Beach, so i can just walk, open the gate and voila! Ketapang Beach!

You see? Very near! It seems like the beach is privately ours!

The scenery was pretty good! The sun shone brightly and i can literally see the ferries that are going to cross to Bali. The hotel is providing a small fish ship for us to fishing on the beach. The rate is quite expensive for renting the ship, but for an experience and hobby, some people would gladly pay the price. I managed to play with the water, grasses and snap cute pictures.

These vast green was nice, it reminds me of some scene in Korean Movie hahaha! Actually i am afraid that there might some snakes around, but No, thankfully it was safe to play there. 

The water was cool and nice :). The sand were black and if you actually dig around then you will find cute crabs. Too bad that i could not swim there because the water was polluted from ferry`s oil exhaustion. Seriously! Please please, ferry companies pay attention to your ferry and don`t waste the oil on this beautiful beach!

Now, after the beach, i will give you sneak peak to the hotel. Sorry, i did not portray the room because it was messy >.< I felt shy hahaha. Next time, i promise!

Ketapang Indah Hotel was nice! The rate is not expensive around 300.000 to 400.000 ($40) a night. It is located in the coastal with vast green view like what you see in the pictures above! Love it! Hehehe. 

Please visit Indonesia and Ketapang Beach, ladies!

Until next time..

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