Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Line Powder Foundation and Concealer

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I was having a heartshock when i saw my blog template ruined >.< The sidebar and the post bar somehow layered at one another so it made it hard to read the post. It was so sad cause I am suck at CSS and i like the layout that i have now. Thank God the template has recovered now and for you who visit me yesterday, 

I apologize for the messy template! Truly!

Today i want to share with you my experience with Maybelline Clear and Smooth Mineral Line. I was a religious fan of their powder foundation since my high school days in Maine, USA. It was a perfect friend on a colder temperature. Here? It melts and gets blotchy at times. But, don`t get all negative with these babies yet! because there are so many things i have not uncover about it.

First one is powdaaa foundation. Indonesian line has only two shades, natural ochre and very light ochre. I got mine in very light one, of course!  The price is affordable around 110.000 rupiahs or $11 but a lot more expensive then the usual $8 in Target or Walmart. It comes with plastic packaging that is sturdy and tight. It comes with brush but ya, it is so abrasive, i just throw it right away.

The powder if finely milled, has medium coverage and matte finish. It is not dead matte though, but more like glowy matte that i like. It is very nice and cover my pores perfectly and it does not transfer as much. Although it is only contain several grams, it lasts me 6 months on everyday use! Great or not? It means one thin layer is enough. Moreover, mineral foundation is not heavy, and it is healthy because contains mineral that is good for the skin. In hot temperature it tends to melt away, so i like to use VIVA loose powder to set it. The oil control is superb because it is loose powder, it absorbs the oil and leave you with dewy glowy look at the end of the day

So this is me five years ago (i hope i don`t look much older now), I used mineral foundation from Maybelline everyday and this is how i ussually look. Hahaha not bad huh? Just powder and maybe a blush.

If you see the swatches, it just looks like regular loose powder but with more coverage. Love!
Just for tips, don`t keep mineral powder foundation over 6 months, the mineral has expired already. Better throw it away!

- Great oil control
- Pretty good coverage
- Affordable and available everywhere
- Beautiful finish

- Can not stand the heat :(

Okay, since the powder foundation absolutely can`t cover my pimples and dark circles, i ussually add this concealer from Maybelline. There are several shades, but mine is medium sand. I gt around 40.000 rupiahs i think. Not so sure because it has been a long time ago

The packaging is not cute but serve the purpose with lop gloss like applicator. You can use it by dotting at the area where you need more coverage and blend it away. The product it self is creamy, thick in consistency, easy to blend and pretty much it is an awesome product for covering pimples. Sometimes it can settle on fine lines, so i suggest you to use minimal amount when possible.

- Affordable
- Easy to apply
- Blendable
- Covering pimples okay 

Settle on fine lines

Mineral powder foundation + the concealer is great for achieving flawless look without looking heavy, cakey and such. Just like not wearing anything IMO. Btw, these are my FOTD recently with my messy hair, sorry for that hahaaha and it looks pretty flawless, right? hehehe. 

Close up Look

So, okay that is my story for today. Hope it helps!
I will be very busy in this upcoming month with thesis and work.
So, probably will cut off my fun hour for more concentration.
Means? More short review hehehe

I hope you have a great weekend, all!

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  1. harga maybelline concelearnya 40rb ? wah murahh ya, tp bagusan mana y sm yg punyanya revlon concelear stick ? aq lg nyari concelear buat nutupin mata panda q >.<

    1. murah yoo, tapi concealer gw masih banyak amat
      si Skin food, bagus juga buat mata panda gw yang parah, lebih tebal karna cream, ahahaahhaa

      Author of DELLilah's Blog

  2. lucky you have such beauty face :p


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