ELF make up mist and set

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Ellow, ladies! How are you doing?
It has been raining a lot in Surabaya and it has been successfully dissuade me to go outside
In this beautiful rainy day, i am reviewing ELF make up mist and set.
I bought this at Twentyseven shop when she has a sale and i got this one for really cheap.

Normal Price : $ 3/ 90000 rupiahs
Amount 60 ml

Key Features
Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber and Vitamin A, C and E

About the product

This is a face mist to spritz to your face on your humid days. Hmm, do you know Evian? Then this is something like that. I ussually spritz this when i sweat a lot and my make up smears. I wipe with tissue and then touch up my make up.

The mist is great also to prep your face before doing the make up. It makes my face instantly moist, therefore the foundation sticks better and last longer. After doing the make up i spritz again and let it air dry. This step will make the make up last longer and look dewy.


The bottle looks okay. Black and look professional. It doesn`t look cute at all >.<.
But well, the bottle does the job. It is tight and all this time i never experienced any leaking.
The spritz is great also. It sprays evenly across the face and i do not need to push it hard to get the result i want.

TIPS: Give 20 cm distance when you spritz the mist, in one spray it covers the whole face. 

Product Review

The mist looks like water with no color, and it works on me. It makes my make up stays longer which i really need, especially when i go to party. If you ask me how long the mist hold my make up, then i would say around 4 hours. Do you know that make up smears and "move" when you sweat? Well this one prevents that happened.


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