Quick Review: The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Rinse in Cherry Blossom

3:36 AM

 Yesterday i tried a sample of The Face Shop Jewel Therapy in Cherry Blossom Rinse.
Rinse here means conditioner. I was confused when about to use this also as there is no description in English hehehe. Gladly i take time to ask Grandpa Google!

The full bottle is going to look like this. Pretty!
It contains 480 ml and suggested for normal hair

source: thefaceshop.com

I ever have the Jewel Therapy straightening essence and in love with the smell.
Same goes with the rinse here. It makes my hair glossy and shiny due to the cherry blossom extract. Too bad it makes my hair greasy especially near the root area. Well, maybe because my hair type is combination. 

The texture is light and not very thick.It is smooth and easy to spread along the hair strands. For me, i think the rinse will work great on normal to dry hair because it is quite moisturizing :)

Buy the full size? No, because it does not work on my hair type


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