Silky Lips Magic Pink Lip Balm

9:02 PM

As the new product from the Silky Girl Line, 
I think this Lip balm is worth to try

Price = 19000

It is actually lip balm that turns to be lip tint. It is greasy when you first applied. And then, as if it absorbs to the lips, it dries out and leaving me fresh cherry red lip. The color itself is surpsisingly long lasting. That is why i call it a tint.

Mine is in Cherry. I think they carry strawberry shades too

The packaging is cute. It is pink! and it is actually very thin, so it is going to fit in any make up case hehehe
It is twist off tube and actually when i drop it, the cap is always fell. Means what? Not too tight?

They claim to locks in 6 hours moisture, and soften the lips.
Yes, my lips becomes softer but i think i need to reapply after three hours.

It is white color and when swiped, it turns to be pink

I loveee the color, so cute and it dries and becomes tint after a while
- Affordable
-Available everywhere
- Cute packaging
- Thin 
- Moisturizing

- It feels greasy when first applied

Rating 4/5


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  1. mirip banget sm maybelline color bloom..packaging sampe isinya o___o fyi maybelline itu jg lipbalm yg brubah warna

  2. sering banget ngeliat ini di supermarket, pengen beli tp masih ragu hehe
    aku naksir sm yg packagingnya putih motif polkadot :D
    thanks udah review *masukin ke whistlist* <3

  3. wuaaa cakeep banget warnanya, aq lg nyari warna gini tp sayang ni di bali blm ada silky girl TT__TT oh y aq follow blogmu dear ^^ suka sama blogmu :D
    makasih ud visit blog q ^^ klo bs dipolbek yaa hehe xD

    C u xoxo

  4. wow. it is almost like lip ice sheer color. It's nice. You can visit my blog for my lip ice's review. :D


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