NYX Round Lipstick in Harmonica

8:55 PM

NYX Round Lipstick is very infamous due to their affordable price and great range of color. 
I am just soooo lucky to get one of them to try myself how great this baby is.
Is it like what people say? Or just another lipstick?

Check it out, ladies!

Mine is in Harmonica. And actually there are 124 shades! JAW DROPPED #
It claims to be anti smudging, velvety and long wearing.

Price : 44.000 rupiahs in online local store

As for the packaging it comes in twist off lipstick tube, just like another lipstick.
It looks cute and professional in black. I like their simple lace that they draw around the brand. I think it is adding some flair to it. The bottom is also clear and this way i can see what kind of color indise. Overall, The packaging is actually looks quite cheap, but yeah, it is! 



Harmonica is light baby pink color that looks really nice if you mix with a deep red color applied in the middle of your lips. The pigmentation is light, and not that great. I do need to swipes more to get more pigmentation

The lipstick spreading thin and actually i love more constant pigment. It settles on fine lines and highlighting my chapped lips. Eck! The wear time is okay, 4 to 6 hours which is nice for an affordable lipstick. It tasted weird like soap and too creamy. If you left it outside the lipstick is going to melt and even losing its original shape.

TIPS: If this ever happened to you, then just put the lipstick inside the fridge and it will turn okay and harder. or simply depot it.

- Professional looked
- Okay wearing time

- Smell and taste like soap. Eekkkk!
- Not too pigmented
- Too creamy and cannot stand the heat

Rating 3/5


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  1. kata temenku yang hobi "makan" kosmetik, rasanya kayak sabun pencuci piring.. wuakakak.. abis itu aku ga mau lagi pake lipstick ini, wangi banget boook

  2. iy mmg wanginya ky sabunn, aku langsung ilfil han >.<


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