Bella Swan Vampire Failed Attempt!

10:36 AM

And I am here in the library working on my internship report. Oh, well! What a life! hehehehe
Though i haven`t got the chance to watch my favorite movie, i am still happy, because today i am sharing with you my Bella Swan Vampire Look hehehe


So, here it is the look that i am trying to imitate, when i first see the picture, it seems to be so easy, with copper and deep brown eyeshadow dominating the look. But this look that i created will be minus the red eye contact lens. I am just too afraid to wear lens >.<

But, my version seems to went wrong. First i need to smudge more and create deeper eye make up. Mine is too simple maybe, plus my eyes are almond eye so definitely different with Bella`s
So here is my version

1. Apply copper color on eyelids

2. Apply dark brown eyeshadow for outer corner. Blend well. I also add a very natural fake eyelashes, because in the picture, Bella seems to have those very natural eye lashes. Btw, i really messed up the glue, that is why please please pleasee excuse those ugly left eye with apparent glue on the bristles 

I use this kind of falsies. Short and the hairs are sparse

3. Add some dark brown to lower lash line, just 3/4 of it, and then dab beige eyeshadow on 1/3 of inner lash line for highlight.
4. Don`t forget to curl falsies and the eyelashes together

RAWWRRRRRRRRR! Asian Bella is here (OMG, sorry being racist hahaha!). RUN before i bite you off!!

And this is more composed and elegant pose of Vampire Bella
I added coral lipstick, but seems to be not enough, it needs to be more opaque.

Caring Colors EVERLAST in Silk Pink
Revlon New Complexion Two way foundation in Tender Peach
Milani Baked Eyeshadow in Copper
Luview Baked eyeshadow in Gold Brown
Fake eyelashes
Max Factor Lash Fusion Mascara
ZA plump lip gloss in 07

Though failed, i did have a good time on making this look. I hope you will too ^^. 

Have a nice day,

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  1. heeey there, thanks for commenting :)
    I really like your make-up here, so bold! would be puuurfect with red lenses on ^^


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