The Face Shop Jewel Theraphy Silk Straightening Essence Review

9:20 AM

Messy and unruly hair that makes you go crazy happen everyday. Put me in that case too. I simply born with this thick and wavy hair. It is just very hard to manage >.<.

But, worry no more. I want to share with you this Hair Essence from Face Shop. It claims to be able to deliver a silky straight hair for us. 

About the product:
A straightening essence that tames frizzy and fly away hair for smooth, lustrous looking hair. Also provides moisture and care to prevent dry and coarse ends

Key features:
- Five different gemstone including amethyst powder, pearl powder, tourmaline, diamond powder
- Nice scent

120 ml

Around 90.000 in Local Online Shop


* Packaging - This cute hair essence comes with purple and creme bottle. Plus a purple pump to ease the application. I love the pump because it is easy to manage how much product i want to use.

The back, so many korean hangul. I can`t read haha >.< 

* Texture and consistency - The texture is like lotion. Not thick but not runny either. It is very smooth with a nice scent that will stick on my hair all day long. If i look at it closely i can see shimmers in it. Maybe due to the gem powders that is used to produce this essence.

* Application : The application is very easy and it does not feel greasy on my hair. I ussually put a decent amount on the palm of my hand and then rub it. After that, i put that on my hair, concentrating on the ends and unruly part. It works wonder for your daily straightening routine too. I personally do not straighten my hair everyday, but i have tried this and straightness last longer and shinier. Just like when you just comes out from salon.

Complete with transparent purple cap
*Result: Speaking about result, i think this photo below explains all hehehe. This photo was taken on my talent show. hehehe. I used straightening iron and put the hair essence beforehand. Many people were complimenting me for a shiny nice hair. I love the result.  I ussually just use this for styling and managing unruly hair since it is not very moisturizing. I use separate hair moisturizer instead.

- Available locally. 
- Affordable
- Small amount enough for my whole thick hair
- Makes my hair shiny
- Does not feel greasy
- Nice scent
- Makes my straight hair last longer

- It is not very moisturizing

Final Verdict
I personally think that this is a good essence. Maybe for me who has thick and unruly hair, i still need to straighten my hair with straightening iron. But for you who have a straight hair already, i think this product will enhance your hair naturally. Very recommended for you. Hmm for you who is looking for an essence to improve your hair, this may not be for you. It is not very moisturizing and i personally do not feel any improvement after using this daily, about four months now. This essence is great for me for touching up hair and styling with straightening iron because it doesn`t grease my hair.

Rating 3.5/5
Repurchase? Nope, i am currently waiting for my Etude silk scarf hair essence ^.^

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  1. bagusan wavy hair kok hanaaa hehe, eh mau tanya dong, even if it's straightened using this product, is your hair still bouncy? hehe

  2. really?? hahahaha, bagus deh.. soalnya mulai galau nih, mau smoothing apa kagak hehehe.. kalo pake ini lurus sih, tapi agak kaku ya menurutku..ndak bisa bouncy gitu..

    thank you ya tia for visiting my blog hehehe

  3. Hi dear, nice review, nice hair, hehehe...
    I am newbie here pls check out my blog
    I've followed you already :)
    God Bless

  4. i have straight hair, but not very straight..xD need a product that will help to stay them straight longer..
    altho i dont use straightener often anymore~ haha
    maybe i will try this one day..

  5. Dua" nya bagus ce, mau wavy mau straight.. sebenernya wavy nya juga ga begitu kan ya :o

    Btw, I nominated you ce here ^^


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