Battle of Loose Powders

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Loose powder is a must have for us woman. How many of you start using loose powder as your very first make up? *raise my hand up* hehehe.. I bet many of you do. I am personally still a big fan of loose powder and will continue to do so. Right now i have 8 loose powder in my stash >.<  Why so much? Well, i am just curious and wanted to use the best lha. So, anyhow, i pick these four favorite affordable loose powders to be compared on. Curious? Please read more ^.^  

Aight, today i will comparing Sariayu Energizing Loose Powder in Kuning Langsat, Marcks Loose powder in Creme, Revlon Touch and Glow Loose Powder in Creamy Beige and also 3W clinic Loose Powder  in *23


*Packaging :
Sariayu and Marcks do not have sifter. You just simply open the plastic lid and pad the sponge down inside. Hmmm, i think it is very inconvenience, because i do spill a lot of product when try to open the lid >.<. Whereas Revlon and 3W Clinic come with sifter. It has tiny holes that works well on omitting powders. I always get sufficient amount for each application. Love ^.^. All four of them does not have cute packaging. But, i think Revlon does  better with the black cap. At least it looks professional. 

Sariayu - 3/5
Marcks - 3/5
Revlon - 4.2/5
3W Clinic - 4/5

* Pigmentation : 
Sariayu ( top left) and Revlon ( top right) have the most pigment. Sariayu (kuning langsat )is more to yellowish tone whereas my Revlon creamy beige has slightly pink undertone. Marcks ( bottom left) and 3W clinic ( bottom right) has very sheer pigmentation. It turns to be translucent when applied to the face. Pigmentation does talk about the coverage though, Revlon and Sariayu covers redness, whereas the bottow two powders only mattifying the face. I personally love pigment, so i will give higher rating to those which are pigmented.
Revlon and Sariayu : 5/5
Marcks: 3/5
 3Wclinic: 4/5

*Texture and Application:
3w Clinic has the finest milled powder out of four. It settles nicely on my face too. Sadly, it oxidise a lot on me. Revlon is good, it does not oxidise so much and does not cake. Marcks is powdery >.< and Sariayu is hard to blend and cakey. Both Marcks and Sariayu are not as finely milled as Revlon and 3W Clinic
Revlon: 4.5/5
3W Clinic: 5/5
Marcks: 3/5
 Sariayu: 4/5

*Longevity and oil control:
Revlon is the winner for longevity! It stays on the whole day. Next is Sariayu Energizing Powder. But, Marcks beats Revlon on oil control. Marcks, and 3W clinic are sheer and fade out in 3 hours or so >.< Ack! Especially for 3W, it oxidises, so it leaves out grey cast on my face.
Revlon: 4.5/5
Sariayu: 4/5
Marcks: 4/5
3W Clinic: 3/5

Sariayu is the worst! Very strong and the scent is likely to be those grandma scent. The other three are deeply scented too. So, if you are sensitive to the perfume, these babies might not be for you. Since scent is very very subjective, i would not rate this. I just thought you would like to know hehehe.

*Price and Amount
 Sariayu : 8800 rupiahs for 20 grams
Revlon Touch and Glow : 55000 rupiahs for 43 grams
Marcks : 8000 rupiahs for 40 grams
3W Clinic: 70000 rupiahs for 30 grams 

SWATCHES ( L - R : Revlon, 3w clinic, Marcks, Sariayu)     

And, MY FAVORITE is Revlon Touch and Glow Loose Powder! How about you? What is your favorite loose powder?

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  1. I do have Marcks' loose powder too. I have the cream one and the pink one.

    1. which one do u like most? yang pink ga keputihan kah? hehehe

  2. sama, aku juga suka revlon touch & glow >w< my HG l/p :3
    pake marcks gak cocok, kulitku jadi kering kerontang..

    visit & follow if you like: ^_^

    1. followed already say.. thank u for commenting hehehe.. sama bagus banget buat ngeset bb cream :)

  3. aku juga suka revlon T&G, menurutku wanginya vintage gitu :))

  4. iya, sariayu emang pigmented, murmer pula :)
    sayang banget cakey.
    Nice review btw :)

  5. I love Revlon Touch & Glow too! It is my HG loose powder these days, I think it's the best loose powder I have ever tried ;p Well I haven't tried that many loose powders before but so far the Revlon Touch & Glow is the best! :)



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