Maybelline Clear and Smooth Blushes Review

1:22 AM

Fresh Coral
Fresh Rose

I am so not up to date. Hehehe I am sorry. I probably the last beauty blogger who write a review about this

But I want to share about this blush on nonetheless, i hope you love it too ^^

A blush from Clear Smooth Line, which offers a matte, non shiny finish that last for a day


35000 – 40.000

Fresh Rose
Fresh Coral

The packaging is so – so. Very simple and standard. The greenish blue color underneath also not interesting color to begin with. But yeah, it does serve the purpose. I am so clumsy, and I drop this three to four times already. It is still okay. Hehehe the powder does not chopped off, and the packaging is sturdy, just like nothing happened.

Fresh Rose, the most wearable one for me
Fresh Coral

I got three shades, fresh berry, fresh coral, and fresh rose. Every one of them is PIGMENTED. Very. One swipe pours out an intense color. You really need to go light handed, especially coral and berry. It is a little bit hard to blend and it is just a big mistake if they are on your cheek already, HEAVILY. My friend commented like this, “ Hana, do you got burn on your cheek? Your cheek is so red.” Done. Short, but very embarrassing  hahaha.

Fresh Rose
Fresh Coral

It is not chalky and not powdery. I think it is densely packed and definitely will last for a long time. I bring my fresh berry to my food counter to give them to my employees. Well, they do make ups everyday, a free blush will be a great help for them. Guess what? I have four employees, everyone is using it everyday. And it is gone after six months. Crazy. Imagine if I use myself? It means two years and I gonna have to use it everyday. Haha.

Coral and Berry are matte colors. If only they are not that pigmented, I am so sure that I will use it everyday hehehe. The only color that I use everyday is the fresh rose. I like the pink – purplish color it gives. Long life Fresh Rose! I personally think that this blush could be a good buy if the color is right. Well, it is affordable, pigmented, long lasting, great quality, and available everywhere. If only… if only….

Rating: 3/5
Repurchase: No

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