Thank God for the winning

5:37 PM

I feel so touched. I can not say thanks enough to God for His Grace. Yesterday, when i ate chicken, i got a message in my blackberry saying that i won a Shu Uemura Monshu Girl Look alike contest. I was like " WHATTT??" Really, not in my dream i would win this, i just participated in this competition for fun. Just to find a reason doing some experiment with make up hehehe.

Photo: Crazy eatery for two

Nevertheless, i am so incredibly happy lha. This winning boost up my confidence in make up like, 1000 percents.. Hahahaha.

I am sooooo really going to keep practicing my make up skills, making more FOTDs, and just watch out you girls, hahaha i am going to spam you with FOTDs and make up tutorial. Oh yeahhh, please don`t get bored with it #slapped!!

And this was my submission for the contest.
To share this happiness i am going to hold a giveaway when my friends reach 200, which is like 5 shorts! Whooo hoooo 

and smile more!

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