Beauty on Oscar`s Red Carpet

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Under the spotlight of Academy Awards, also been known as Oscar Award, these stars shine with their astonishing beauty. Just now, i read The Cuatro, a spanish newspaper and i found these beautiful pictures of the ladies with great make up and hair do. I totally loved it, then i suddenly decided to write this on my blog. These three actresses are my favorites! They are not only talented, but pretty as well.
They are..... ( * drum roll)
                                        1. Jessica Chastain

I love her hairdo. It is something that we ussually do everyday, half up do, but she really takes this to the whole level. Don`t you agree? I think her hair colour and pretty waves contribute a lot to it. I also love her neutral make up, with not so strong lip color, her smile looks really natural. An effortless beauty.

2. Stacy Kiebler

When i saw her picture in The Cuatro, i was like " Who is she?" Hmm, i dont mean being rude, but today is the first time i see her. She is pretty. Then i searched through the internet, and i was so shocked. She is a wrestler, girls! She is a WWE wrestler. Such an elegant lady, but in the other side she is also strong. I totally admire her. In her Oscar look, i love her wavy hair and her neutral make up. She looks fresh and young. The best part about her make up is the lip color. Fresh, and managed to frame a beautiful smile

3. Angelina Jolie

Who doesn`t know her? Hehehe her acting in action movie such as SALT and WANTED was totally awesome. I love her. She is also kind to adopt four orphaned children. In this year`s Oscar she wore a black dress again. A critic from the newspaper said that her dress is boring. She comes up with black dress every year. What`s up with that? But personally, i like her elegant black dress. I think it is pretty. Don`t you think so? As always, her make up is daring. Sexy with her red lips and smokey eyes. Great!

Have you read news from Oscar, girls? Who has the best make up?

Love, Hana

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  1. Tadi baru nonton di FOX, tapi belom sempet abis udah pindah chanel. Film The Artist nyabet 5 yak, hebaat,,,, tapi belom sempet nonton filmnya sih...

    Yg gada matinya emang angelina jolie ya... sexyyy >_<


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