Make up tutorial : Crease, with cream, black and brown eyeshadow

2:30 PM

Hi, everyone :) How are you doing? Today i want to share with you a look that i created in my beauty salon. I love this look, it enhances small eyes and makes our eyes bigger and rounder. It makes the illusion of bigger creases. I use my La tulipe pallete to create this look. Here are the step by step how to create this look. Btw, sorry, it didn`t come with pictures because i was busy concentrating this look and didn`t bother my camera.
1. Start with a clean face and moisturize it well. Then put eyelid tape to make the creases bigger and make your eyes even
2. Put foundation on, make sure you use the correct shade
3. Put concelear on places that need extra care. Here i use it for under eye and a deep scar on her left cheek to make it less obvious.
4. Then, put on a loose powder. Here i use latulipe powder in suntan
5 In this step you supposed to already have a face, as smooth as canvas, ready to work with
6. Concentrate on the eyes, put cream eyeshadow all over the lid
7. Apply black eyeshadow on the crease lines, and smudge it with black brown eyeshadow. Open your eyes, make sure that you apply this black and black brown eyeshadow right onto the crease line. 
8. Then, apply a white shadow to highlight your browbone and inner lid corner of your eyes
9. Curl your lashes and put on a false eyelashes, choose the fluttery ones
10. Waa, the eye look is almost complete. Dont forget to draw your brow, and then put eyeliner on your upper and lower lid

11. Draw a contouring line to the nose
12. Apply blush on, in this look i mixed pink blush on with peach pinky color one
13. Apply lip color and lipgloss
You are done :) The look will look like this 

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  1. Bagus hasilnya..
    Make up artist ya?

    Oh ya, salam kenal ya.. :)
    Saya follow blog kamu :D

  2. Thank you :P Iyaa, cuman sekedar hobi, bukan pekerjaan utama :) Salam kenal juga, blogmu bagus banget, udah aku fol-back juga hehehe

  3. thanks so much for your lovely comment.
    i really like your blog & omg your eyes look amazing.
    i'm following you now & i'd be very happy if you followed back! :)
    xxx love from london,

  4. Hy, yeah surely i will follow you back. I like your style too :)


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