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What is this, Hana?

                This is a lipstick from Revlon. It comes in a super lustrous range. In the official website, it claims to be infused with mega moisturizer to keep our lips smooth J. It has wide colors array, 72 colors, girls! WOW!


As you can see, the packaging is quite simple, black and gold. Well, it looks elegant tho. But it is not quite my style. The lipstick color is okay, but not strikingly nice. What do you think?

What Do I think about this Lippie?

I have been drawn into pink lipstick lately. If you notice, in my look book, i always use pink lippie, and I feel cute like a barbie hehehe ( silly thought). You might have heard a rave for this lippie quite a lot. There are pros and cons, and certainly adding one more thought from me is going to be fine, isnt it? Some people like it, some people don`t. How about you?
For me, this lippie is just okay. I don’t like the color so much, but regarding the price I think it is worthed as collection in my vanity. This lippie is affordable, hehehe it is around 33000 rupiahs or around $4 dollars. It is pigmented, one swap is enough to create a nice pinky lip. Personally, I use this lippie as a lip stain. I put one swap and then after a while, I tone it down with a tissue. The staying power is so so. Since I can be such a foodzilla in the afternoon, I really need to put more on after lunch break. Hmm, I might say it stays around 2 hours – 4 hours lha. Depends on how I use my lip :p. You need to have a silky smooth lip before applying this lipstick because it shows flakiness and dryness of the lips. After a while, the color is kinda “sit” on the fine lines of the lips.
Well, that is my thought girl. Good bye for now J. School has been crazy lately. Too much assignment, and I don’t like some of the classes that I take.  How about your life, girls? I hope it is going well. I love you, I will share more to you soon.

Rating : 3/5
Repurchase : Maybe

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  1. whuaa.. aq pake ini nih.. gak tahan lama.. T_T untungx harganya murah yah.. hohoho
    good job Hana..


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