Viva hand and nail cream

12:45 PM

What is this?
                This is a hand and nail cream from Viva. It contains vitamin F, allantoin and honey melon extract as a natural moiturizer for your skin.

How to use this?
Apply this generously unto your palm, and then spread it evenly while gently massaging your nail and and dry skin areas.

What do I think about this cream?
If you are looking for affordable hand and nail cream, this is it. It is super affordable, only 7700 rupiahs, or about 80 cents. The cream is white color, and it doesn`t feel sticky in my hands. The staying power and moisturizing effect are low, I feel that my hands are dry again after a few hours, especially after washing my hands. My hands are also still harsh even that I apply this hand cream generously ( I am handwashing most of my clothes that is why I got harsh hands). Overall, this hand and nail cream is just so – so. I don’t like it that much

Rating: 2/5
Rephurchase: No 

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