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12:59 AM

Happy Valentine all! What are u doing in val day? Hehehe today is the happiest val - day ever! I got a romantic date with my boyfriend, and actually it was fun this morning to afternoon at UPH. In the morning, it was like -every other day- morning, with Ms. Karin taught us about psychological test construction :). Hehehe, you can see her here wearing orange and yellow vest. Hmm, and this is what my class look like. What do you think? Comfy, huh?

Ah, the class was over, and i headed back to student lounge. The student lounge was decorated nicely with balloons, trees, and we had also photobooth, live music, game and bazzar. Our student senate ( we call them BEM) has made an achievement this year by making a fun valentine day celebration for us today. Here are some pics that i took 

Yaa, this is how our student lounge looked like today. The drums and live music hasn`t started yet tho

Aaa, on the right side, there is a love tree. We can actually hang a love message there :)

Love message

i love this door. It looks pretty with all the balloons !

The Bazzar :) So crowded, they definitely earn some cash today hohohoho

this tenant is accountancy faculty`s. Hehehe i admire their creativity

Cute shoes, accesories, and bags!

Hehehehe and last, this is me with my BFF, Mega and Priskila camwhoring together :P..

Hehehe, that is my share about my valentine day at UPH. How about yours? 
Love, Hana

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  1. Seems fun there ^^ Yup, you're very welcome.. Wait for the prize yah :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. ur campus is having a fun valentine ! <3

    btw you can join my valentine giveaway here;)
    Journal J

  3. thanks, jul :). I have followed your giveaway, thank u for stopping by.
    Thanks karina, you totally make my valentine wonderful hehehe


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