Make up tutorial : Brown, Easy Day Look

11:03 AM

Hi ladies, this is my first step by step make up tutorial. This is a look with brown eye shadow. For this look, i use Almay Shimmer- i eyeshadow palette. and this will go nicely with any color of clothes. 

Here are the step by step

First, i use a maybelline clear and smooth gel foundation and maybelline clear smooth powder in natural all over my face to create a flawless and even out skin tone

Then, using this white shade, apply that all over my lids to create a wash colour and also highlight my browbone

After i do this step, it looks like this

Move on to the next shade, i use this beautiful brown color and apply it on my lid, and then blend

Next to the purple color to make my brown eye pops more. I use this to my crease then blend it well with the brown color

After all, it looks like this. Oya, don`t forget to draw your brow

Take a falsies, if it is for daily look, use this kind of falsies. It is not too full, so it is going to look natural. Then after applying this, i line my eyes with Revlon Fabuliner 

The finished eyes look like this

Okay, eyes, and brow are done.
Now it is time to add a subtle color and glow to my face. Here, i use Revlon glamorous blush in Tawny Peach and Revlon Matte lippie in pink pout

The look is actually done, but if you love dewy glow, you can highlight your cupid bow and your cheek bones. Here i use PAC shimmering powder 

It is done! hehehe have fun trying this, girls. i LOVE you -


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  1. hana cantiiik.... >< Tapi ga berlebihan... pas buat make-up sehari2... :D

  2. you look very cute :)

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  3. Thank you, girls :)
    @Megha: Yeah, sure, i will check.. Thank you for visit my blog.

  4. beautiful makeup:X you are so pretty:X


  5. i love almay eyeshadows! they have really nice shimmer :)

    now following,
    please drop by my blog


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