REVIEW: Revlon New Complexion Liquid Foundaton in Natural Beige

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Revlon New Complexion Liquid Foundation:
Revlon new complexion is a product line that is dedicated to create a natural look. Not too dewy, not too matte. It has face compact powder  and also liquid foundation. I have both and I would like to review them today.

I love this because……….
It is 35,5 ml for 70000. I think it is quite reasonable. It is cheaper than colorstay of photoready.
It is also available locally. Most of department store has it.
The coverage is medium, but you can build it if you want. And also blendable
It is not cakey on me
It is great to create flawless but natural look. It covers redness and acness

Hmm, i took some swatch pictures for you

It contains:

I don’t like this because…..
The packaging is made of glass. Hii creepy, since I am such a clumsy girl, I am always worried that I might drop it and break it. It also doesn’t have pointy ends or pump. So, when I pour, I ussually end up with too much foundation on my hand. >.<.

It has runny – watery texture.
The oil control is so – so. My nose shines after 2-3 hours.
This foundation is great for daily, for you who work at the office. It is lightweight and it is not cakey. I would recommend this for those of you who have normal and dry skin because it tends to get oily easily. 

Rating: 4/5
Rephurchase: NO

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