Make up tutorial: When orange and pink collide

11:02 AM

Hi everyone, you probably remember that about last week, i got a package from Viva company. Here is my attempt to put them on together though i admit that the eyeshadow color and the lip color do not match well hehehe. Anyway, i ended up having a cute look that i like, so i don`t mind. It is a very easy look, you can even try it out at home.

1. Clean your face and moisturize it, here i use L`oreal hydrafresh moisturizer
2. Apply foundation from Viva
3. Put on a face powder from Viva, sorry that the powder shade didn`t match my skin well hehehe, it looks a little bit ghostly on me.

Then, moving on with eyes
1. Apply gold eyeshadow all over your lid
2. Mix and blend with orange eyeshadow, don`t forget to put some on your lower lash line
3. Apply mascara and eyeliner :) and draw your brow

For lip, it is pretty simple, i only use viva lipstick

Then here is the final look :) What do you think?

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  1. hana... aku suka cara kamu pake esedonya... ^^

  2. you look so pretty ^^
    Great combination..yellow and orange :)


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