L'OREAL Total Repair Deep Repairing Mask

12:10 PM

Hi everyone, today I am going to review a hair mask from L`oreal J. It is called total repair mask.  It has cement ceramide that fill in the cracks of your hair then strengthen, moisture, and seal them.

How to use this
After washing your hair, towel dry it. Then, put this hair mask on and make sure you got every strand J. Leave it one or two minutes and then rinse.

My review 
                I love this hair mask. The main reason I bought this was because it only takes 1 minute. A total life saver. I don’t like spending too much time to beauty up, so if I can spend less minute and get the same result. Why not? In one minute, this mask made my hair silky smooth, shiny, and less frizzy.  My hair is thick, dry, and long, so it tends to frizz up and needs a little extra care. This mask is awesome, it smoothens my hair.

this is my hair after using the mask *shiny*

 One sachet can last up to 2 usages for me. So, maybe if you have shorter hair, it might last for three times.  It is available locally, I bought mine at hypermart for around 3500 rupiahs or 50 cents. and I recommend this for you who has damaged and dry hair J

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