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Hi,  have you read my lovelyfriend`s advice? This activity that I am going to share with you is another sequel of it. Hmm, after I did my lovely friend`s advice in my classroom. Next, I did a SURPRISE GIFT activity. Who doesn’t love gift? Everybody does. It represents care, love and also self sacrifice.

The goals of this activity are:

-          They learn to care to each other
-          They learn to give unconditional self regard. It means that you respect others for who they are.
-          They learn to accept their weakness and work on it to be a better person
-          They learn to tolerate each other
-          They learn to be grateful for the love that has been given to their life
-          To increase their soft motoric skills.
English Education Goals:
-          To encourage them to speak and express their feelings in simple present tense and modal tense.


All you need is OLD NEWSPAPERS

How to do this?

Okay, hehehe, I shall explain then. Today, in class, I told them about the name of the game, then I distributed the old newspaper. They were so excited and kept questioning me what was the activity all about. Then I told them ,” we are going to gave each other surprise gifts. But it is no ordinary gift! It is special. Just now, you know your friend`s weakness. I want you to imagine gifts that help them encounter their weakness. It can be everything. Just be creative, and show your care towards your friend. The rules are simple, first, you can not use scissors and second you have to make it full-heartedly”
Then I gave them example. Example speaks louder than words, it always do. I took a piece of old newpaper, folded it until it looked like a book. I said, “ Since John is forgetful, I may make a book for him, so he can write things that need to be done here.” That was example of “logical” gift. I tore the newpaper into very very little pieces. I said, “ This is can be a gift too, do you know what is this? This is a super magical fairy stardust.  I pour this onto John`s head, and I may wish that his forgetfulness may be gone forever. That is my gift.”Everybody laughed.

                Because everybody understood what to do, I shuffled the cards once again to determined who will make the gifts and for whom. 
After everything settled, we started to make the gifts hehehe. I made gifts for John.  The first one was blackberry to remind him what to do and what to keep. Next one was super goof ball. This goof ball was supposed to retrieved back his memory. I said,” Somebody just has to hit him with my goof ball, and he is going to remember everything.” Everybody seems to be entertained hohohoho.

                John gave his brother Ben a story book J. He said, “ If you stop being indifferent, I shall give you this book” It was a cut out from a newpaper cartoons. It was so cute. Hmm he made some grammar mistakes on his gifts, but it was tolerable since he is still new in english.

                Ben, gave me KAMEN RIDER MASK! Hohohoho so funny. He said, “It is going to give you  a super strength so you can clean your room very fast!” Hahaha. Thank you so much Ben.

                So in the end, I did some reframing to my kids. I emphasized this section on how they should be grateful if they have friends who are willing to fill their weakness, how they can tolerate each other weakness, and how to regard others for who they are.

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